Kozhi Kuttan
Keralan Style Chicken Curry

Having a flair for all things regional, south indian food is really no exception. I love the region and more importantly the food on offer. Food in the Malabar coast is synonymous with all things fresh, heart warming and distinct […]

Tadka Dal

Tadka Dal
Lentils with spices, chilli and coriander

  One thing I know for sure after cooking, teaching and writing about food is that no matter how lavish a dish is or even the list of ingredients nothing speaks volumes like simple home cooked food. Even when cooking […]

Lamb Rogan Josh

Lamb Rogan Josh

Eating Rogan Josh as a 9yr old in a typical Kashmiri household with Indian bread on the side to scoop out the thick gravy has been one of my fondest food memories. The host for the meal (Mr Mamoon was […]


Freshly baked cardamom infused biscuits

Fresh breads and biscuits in India are widely available everywhere. Bakeries have been around for a good few years in the country where influences stemmed from the British Raj, Portuguese and Iranian immigrants in the 1950’s and 60’s that brought […]

Indian Kitchen

Growing up in Mumbai, Maunika Gowardhan learned the secrets of home cooking, Indian-style. Now living in the UK, Maunika is often asked, 'what do Indians cook on a day to day basis?' And, 'how is it that you can rustle up a curry for an everyday meal when you're so busy?' The answer is in chapters of this book. Hungry include recipes made from easy-to-find ingredients for when you're starving and short of time. And Lazy contains recipes for when you want something a bit slower, a bit comforting, but still straightforward. Indian food is also about feasting, so when you have the luxury of time and want to put some real love into a meal at the weekend, you can turn to Indulgent, or when you have friends and family coming over then Celebratory is the chapter for you. Whatever your mood, Indian Kitchen will inspire you to add Indian cooking into your weekly menu.
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