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Happy Diwali and a very prosperous New Year!

22 October 2014
Happy Diwali (2)
Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali and a brilliant new year! This is my favourite time of the year, as much as its about cooking and sharing some fantastic food with family and friends, for me its also time to give thanks for everything. This year I will be spending Diwali at home and cooking […]... more
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Shahi Tukra – Indian bread pudding with saffron syrup, cardamom and almonds

3 November 2013
Diwali Shahi Tukda
Diwali celebrations are all about indulgence and opulence. Nothing makes it even more special than sharing it with loved ones. I love entertaining during this festive season and cooking an array of Indian dishes is the ultimate way celebrating with those around. I’ll be cooking Mutton curry, Pulao, boondi raita, Chole Bhatura and also Shrikhand for […]... more
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Rose, Cardamom and Pistachio flavoured Ice cream

3 August 2013
Pistachio, rose & cardamom ice cream
Rose is such a commonly used ingredient in Indian cooking. Rose water, dried petals and even powders all part of Indian sweet as well as savoury dishes. They lend a floral essences and a fresh flavour. From rice puddings, biryanis, curries and kebabs, rose water makes a surprising addition. Also used sparingly in Indian spice […]... more
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Mango Barfi with fresh mango puree, cardamom and pistachio

24 April 2013
Mango Cardamom Barfi (2)
Its finally here!! I think the best part of every year has got to be Mango season, especially when Alphonso mangoes come flooding through from April. Of course there are all sorts of varieties that are in season until late July. Pairi, Hapoos, Kesar, Totapuri and Dasehri are the one’s we would eat when I […]... more
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Traditional Goan Kulkuls – Sugar glazed curls made with flour & coconut milk

4 January 2013
Goan Coconut Kulkuls (2)
Happy New Year and wishing all my readers a food filled year (with lots more Indian food including curries, pickles and all the gorgeousness the country has to offer!) ahead. Thank you so much for the ongoing support and encouragement. It’s the best feeling when you know that people across the world are cooking recipes […]... more
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Cooking Unni Appams for a joyous occasion… Happy Diwali!

13 November 2012
Unni Appam (3)
Lights, colors, fireworks and of course good food to spread the spirit of festivities on this occasion. Happy Diwali to everyone and may the coming year bring along joy & happiness. Diyas and Indian sweets are the order of the day at home right now. What’s made it extra special this year is a little […]... more
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South Indian Coconut Rice Pudding with Cardamom & Raisins

20 February 2012
My craving for a hearty rice pudding a few weeks back led to this gorgeous dish! Rice puddings are a very common snack/ dessert in Indian communities. My mum would cook us Indian rice pudding regularly with spices and toasted nuts. Southern Indian rice pudding also known as Payasam is similar in ways to the […]... more
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Spiced chocolate barfi

31 October 2011
My love with all things sweet continues. And who can blame me! The start of October is like kicking off a good few months of indulgence, eating, celebrations and fabulous food. With Diwali, Halloween and the run up to Christmas it’s the best time of the year as far as I’m concerned. I have made […]... more
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Besan Laddoo – Gram flour laddoos for a Happy Diwali

25 October 2011
Celebrations, happiness, joy meeting up with family and friends. Could you think of a better way to spend this beautiful and auspicious occasion? This is one of my favourite times of the year and takes me back to my home in India. There are always lots of sweets, new clothes, family & friends over every […]... more
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Diwali Sweets – Classic Coconut Burfi

5 November 2010
I can’t let this day pass by without wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali and a prosperous new year but more importantly making something sweet for family and friends. The house is filled with sweet treats so as you can tell I’m in heaven! ‘Besan ladoos’ which I made this year have been a huge […]... more
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