Awadhi Sabz Gosht with Patak’s

Thank you so much to all you wonderful readers for your kind words! Seeing so many of you excited about my collaboration with Patak’s makes me so happy and I cant wait to share the recipes I’ve developed for the brand. So here is one of my absolute favorites!

Awadh cuisine is renowned for its vibrancy and age old techniques of cooking. I have blended the use of ingredients in a traditional Awadhi recipe with Pataks spices. This Sabz Gosht is an aromatic lamb curry slow cooked with spinach and the delicious flavour of fresh dill. Using the Rogan Josh Paste packed with fennel, chilli and black peppercorn gives a rich gravy to this meat curry. The lamb chunks soak in all the goodness of the spices, finished with a generous helping of chopped dill and a pinch of clove and cardamom powder. You can try the recipe here! Hope you all enjoy it. There is lots more coming up so make sure to subscribe to my website for updates and brand new recipes on the newletter x