Cooking curries with Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube

This week has been exciting to say the least! I am chuffed to be part of Jamie’s Food Tube; cooking Indian curries and recipes including chutneys, breads, drinks and regional dishes sharing some fantastic ideas on spices and tips on how to make those classic Indian dishes.


Jamie’s Food Tube is an online channel that has grown from strength to strength; with over 800,000 subscribers since it launched in 2013 the channel is home to a variety of cooking including bbq, baking and some fantastic Italian cooking too. This week I cooked some regional Indian dishes which will be on the channel in the next few weeks and also got a chance to cook some of my favourite recipes with Jamie too!


I will be sharing easy and simple mid week dishes alongside classic Indian regional dishes. So looking forward to sharing my family recipes and tips on what spices to stock alongside basic store cupboard ingredients. Join in for some fun recipes, tutorials and make sure to subscribe on the channel to get your fill of delicious curries soon!




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