My ultimate curry base recipe in the Telegraph UK!

A recipe that is Britain’s most searched for according to Google. You just know it must include spices! So when the Telegraph quizzed me about something we commonly in India call ‘Daagh’ I simply assumed most people knew about it. I have shared a recipe from a Sindhi friend in Mumbai who has been cooking this for years.

Its creating quite the stir in UK with google searches, forums and ideas on how to make the perfect base. What I would say is that the recipe is a keeper for sure. The base is versatile and perfect to store in the refrigerator for mid week meals or even to freeze in bulk. While cooking just heat a portion of the paste along with your choice of fish, chicken or meat. The recipe for the basic ‘Daagh’ is on the Telegraph pages also check out the variations for each recipe and how you can use it with vegetables to make a delicious curry.


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