Our fondest food memories..

Our childhood food memories, family recipes, holidays that have influenced the way we cook and eat. All these stay with us and its something I am reminiscing about through my cooking, eating and food chats. Have a peak at my […]

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What is Real Indian Food?

I’ve written a piece for Huffington Post UK asking what traditional and true Indian cooking is and how do you define it? Would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment on the article. Follow the link to read […]


In the news…

I did say things are hotting up over the summer & its getting exciting to see the coverage so far for Indian food and recipes. More than anything its been refreshing to see how keen people have been during my […]


Food Quarter Magazine

Issue Seven of Food Quarter Magazine is out. And if you havent had a chance to check out my column, I have attached a copy of it here Hope you enjoy the recipes!


BBC Olive Magazine August Issue

When the team at Olive Magazine got in touch a few months ago to say they absolutely loved my recipes and were to feature it in the August issue, I could not have been more chuffed to see the photos. […]

Indian Kitchen

Growing up in Mumbai, Maunika Gowardhan learned the secrets of home cooking, Indian-style. Now living in the UK, Maunika is often asked, 'what do Indians cook on a day to day basis?' And, 'how is it that you can rustle up a curry for an everyday meal when you're so busy?' The answer is in chapters of this book. Hungry include recipes made from easy-to-find ingredients for when you're starving and short of time. And Lazy contains recipes for when you want something a bit slower, a bit comforting, but still straightforward. Indian food is also about feasting, so when you have the luxury of time and want to put some real love into a meal at the weekend, you can turn to Indulgent, or when you have friends and family coming over then Celebratory is the chapter for you. Whatever your mood, Indian Kitchen will inspire you to add Indian cooking into your weekly menu.
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