Makai Seekh Kebab

Grilled sweetcorn kebabs with ginger, chilli and garam masala

Sweetcorn kebabs are a firm favourite with our family and friends. This sunny British weather is the perfect excuse to try these delicious kebabs. Cooked with corn, ginger, chilli I add gram flour which helps bind it all together and is the perfect veggie alternative  for a weekend BBQ come rain or shine! Stuffed in Naan and topped with a delicious mint raita or chutney. I have used ghee for basting while the kebabs grill although you can opt of oil or vegan butter for a vegan option.


  1. Add the ginger, spring onions and chilli to a grinder and grind to a paste. Set aside. Soak the bread in a little warm water

  2. Add the sweet corn for the blender and coarsely blend to a rough mix. Tip in a large mixing bowl along with the ginger chilli paste. Add potato and garam masala. Mix well

  3. Squeeze all the water from the bread and add to the sweet corn kebab mix. Knead lightly. Cover with cling film and refrigerate for 10 minutes

  4. Oil your skewers and line + oil the baking tray. Turn the grill to a high. Oil your hands before you skewer them as well. Add the gram flour to the kebab mix and stir well. Divide the mix between 6-8 skewers and shape along the skewer lengthwise This is a messy job but oiling your hands helps!

  5. Place over a lined oil baking tray, brush the top of the kebabs with oil. Grill on a high heat for 12 minutes

  6. As they begin to change colour take them out of the grill turn over carefully brush with a little more oil and put them back under the grill for a further 12 minutes until crisp and golden brown. Serve with naan and green chutney or mint raita.

    You can also pan fry the kebabs instead of grilling.