Sindhi Aloo Tuk

Fried smashed potato with chilli, salt & tangy chaat masala

Sindhi Aloo Tuk

I must admit I am a little embarrassed to even share this recipe given how easy it is! I yearn for an home cooked meal when it comes to mid week dinners. So my top picks for quicker recipes definitely include thoran and chickpea curry. Rarely ever do I tire of a simple bowl of Dal and rice but what completes a meal like that is most definitely something fried or crispy to go along with a soupy bowl of dal chawal. When we were younger my mum would always have fried papad, crispy fried chillies or even some fried karela to go with the meal. But let’s be honest, nothing beats fried crisp potato! And Sindhis definitely get it right when it comes to Aloo Tuk. Its one dish I’ve been eating since I was really young and is equally delicious with Kadhi Chawal. I’m hoping by sharing how to make it there will be more people who will celebrate dishes from the Sindhi community. There are loads more recipes on the website here including Seyal Gosht and Sindhi Koki.

This recipe for Aloo Tuk is essentially smashed fried potatoes tossed in chilli and chaat masala served warm. Sounds good? It is! There are a few things to remember when making Aloo Tuk; the potatoes need to be boiled first and then can be fried. I prefer to shallow fry but if you want you can deep fry them too. Make sure to mash them lightly so the potato doesn’t spill out completely from the skin. This will help keep it intact while frying. Give it some time when you fry and make sure the heat is not too high as they begin to go crisp around the edges. You can also sprinkle them with dried mango powder, cumin powder and black pepper if you cant get hold of chaat masala. Serve this with some fresh salad and chutney or as I do with a hearty bowl of Dal chawal.

Note – To find out more about the spices used in this recipe click on the spice links at the bottom of this page.


  1. Mix the chaat masala, salt and chilli powder in a bowl. Set aside.

    Drain the boiled potatoes. While they are still warm, using a flat spatula press lightly and flatten the potato to mash it. Make sure the potato is mostly within the skin. This will help when frying them.

  2. Heat oil over a medium flame in a frying pan. Add the potatoes in batches and fry on each side for 10 minutes. They are already cooked but you’re looking for a crispy coating all over. This will take time, so make sure not to stir or shake the pan. As they begin to turn golden brown drain them onto some kitchen paper.Sindhi Aloo Tuk (2)

  3. Place in a bowl and sprinkle over the spice mix. Mix well making sure to the spices coat the crisp edges. Add as much or as little as you like. (I increase quantities of the chilli powder as I prefer it tad spicy). Transfer to a serving plate and garnish with fresh coriander. Serve warm as a starter/ snack or even simply with some Dal and rice.

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