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Mughlai Karahi Gosht – Slow cooked lamb curry with tomatoes, garlic and garam masala

7 April 2015
Kadai Gosht
I am currently travelling through north India for work. You can see the pictures from my trip so far over on Instagram. And as many times as I visit various cities across the subcontinent its still amazes me how flavoursome and diverse our food is. Eating in parts of Punjab or Rajasthan gives you a […]... more
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Khatte Chole – Spiced chickpea curry with chilli, fresh ginger and mango powder

9 March 2015
Khatte Chole
Last year a packed trip to Old Delhi resulted in eating copious quantities of Halwa puri cholay in the sweltering heat of the city for breakfast. I was hooked! All washed down with glasses of refreshing salted lassi. I always find the need to do my visits to India full justice where food is concern! […]... more
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Kori Ghassi – Mangalorean Chicken Curry with curry leaves, chillies and coconut milk

25 February 2015
Mangalorean Kori Gassi
Hailing from the Bunt community in Mangalore this recipe is an absolute keeper! The gravy has loads of depth and flavour. A rich fiery red curry cooked with chicken although can be made with prawns or even with vegetables. Mangalorean cooking is hugely synonymous with vegetarian and coastal flavours. I ate a traditional version of […]... more
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Rajasthani Besan ka Chilla – Spiced Indian pancakes with turmeric, chilli and fresh coriander

11 February 2015
Rajasthani Besan ka Cheela
A weekend of late breakfast and spicy pancakes are the perfect fix. There is a such a brilliant variety of Indian breakfast options and more than that a delicious variety of vegetarian dishes to choose from. The most common one’s of course for a spice fix tend to be a masala omelette or spiced scrambled […]... more
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Punjabi Aloo ki Sabzi aur Puri– North Indian Style potato curry with puris

6 January 2015
Punjabi Puri Aloo
Happy new year and a wonderful 2015 to you all! In true January style I could sit here telling you about my resolutions for a healthy diet or a detox after all the holiday indulgence. But then again its winter and freezing cold outside so who really wants to be eating salad when they can opt […]... more
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Masala Chai Toddy – Spiced Indian tea with condensed milk & dark rum

18 December 2014
Masala Chai Toddy
I have always steered to tea infused with spices. ‘Chai’ or Indian spiced tea is made with a mix of spices to compliment flavours of tea. There are lots of variations and blends you can find for a masala chai but mine is one that includes black pepper and cloves which give it the warmth […]... more
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Malabar Vegetable Ishtu – Southern Indian Vegetable stew with coconut, curry leaves and black pepper

8 December 2014
Malabar veg ishtu
There is such a vast difference within in the various states based around the southern region of India. For instance the Malayalam speaking muslim community in Kerala reflects prominently in the cuisine of the north of this region. There are distinct cultural differences in Malabar cuisine as compared to Syrian Christians in Kerela. Thorans, moilees […]... more
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Spiced Green pea and chilli chutney on Jamie’s Food Tube channel

5 December 2014
Food tube green pea chutney
With Christmas fast approaching there are so many tips and cookery ideas that work a treat to make something really simple and quick. This delicious recipe for a Green pea and chilli chutney is easy to put together. It has the perfect flavours of sweet, tangy, spicy and sweet. I make these as part of […]... more
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My cookbook Indian Kitchen – Secrets of Indian Home Cooking

28 November 2014
Indian Kitchen Cover final - Copy
Its been a whirlwind of a year so far! From working on my debut cookbook to cooking with Jamie Oliver for his online channel Food Tube and Heston Blumenthal. And getting a name check from Yotam Ottolenghi. Through all the excitement there has been lots of cooking, tasting and writing been happening (behind the scenes!) on a collection of recipes for […]... more
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Easy Paneer Jalfrezi with spices, chilli and peppers for Jamie’s Food Tube

20 November 2014
Paneer Jalfrezi
I’m back on Jamie’s Food Tube sharing my recipe for Paneer Jalfrezi. One of the recipes that is perfect for a mid week meal using simple ingredients but is so very tasty! Paneer is Indian cottage cheese that’s a versatile vegetarian option and absorbs spices to flavour curries really well and cooks very quickly. Shop bought paneer […]... more
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Nalli Gosht