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Its Here! My Debut Video for Jamie’s Food Tube cooking Butter Chicken with Jamie

6 August 2014
I am so excited to share my debut video for Jamie’s Food Tube with all of you! I am cooking one of the classic Indian dishes eaten all across the subcontinent. Murgh Makhani or Butter Chicken as it is commonly know is made with marinated chicken in a delicious creamy tomato gravy with a hint […]... more
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Sindhi Seyal Gosht – Spiced Lamb curry cooked cardamom, chilli and caraway seeds

4 August 2014
Sindhi Seyal Gosht (2)
Sindhi cuisine is probably one of those unique elements of regional Indian food that resonates very closely to where they hail from. The Sindh community from the Indus Valley civilization have brought along a delicious repertoire of dishes that have left their mark across Punjab, Gujarat and even Maharashtra. I feel so fortunate to have […]... more
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Tandoori Fish Tikka – Fish cooked in a tandoori marinade with chilli, cumin & coriander

7 July 2014
Tandoori Fish Tikka
One of the most common dishes at seafood restaurants across Mumbai will always include Tandoori Pomfret. Pomfret was the preferred choice fish when I grew in the city. A flat fish, delicate and flaky which takes to the marinade and charred smokey tandoor flavours  really well. Buying pomfret was always a luxury (for us at […]... more
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Khatta Jeera Aloo – Spiced potatoes cooked with chilli, cumin seeds and pomegranate powder

19 June 2014
Khatta Jeera Aloo
I remember attending a wedding in Rajasthan a few months ago and this khatta aloo dish was part of the Indian wedding thali feast. The humble potato gets a makeover and every bite of it reminded me of how amazing the flavours were. There are several ways to make jeera aloo and a Punjabi version […]... more
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Cooking curries with Jamie Oliver on Food Tube!

13 June 2014
This week has been exciting to say the least! I am chuffed to be part of Jamie’s Food Tube; cooking Indian curries and recipes including chutneys, breads, drinks and regional dishes sharing some fantastic ideas on spices and tips on how to make those classic Indian dishes. Jamie’s Food Tube is an online channel that has grown […]... more
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Indian Kitchen – My Debut Cookbook with Hodder & Stoughton

15 April 2014
Goan Chicken Cafreal (3)
I am so very delighted to announce my debut cookbook ‘Indian Kitchen’ will be published by the fantastic team at Hodder & Stoughton in Spring 2015. If there is one way to sum up how I feel about writing my cookbook it’s elated! Seeing my family recipes and notes which have been part of my household […]... more
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Kanda Papeta per Eda – Parsi fried eggs with spicy onions, cumin & chillies

20 March 2014
Kanda Papeta per eda
So little is known about eggs in the Indian cooking repertoire. Be it in curries, stuffed in bread, cooked in pickles or a plate of spicy scrambled eggs. Indians have a way to perk up the humble eggs to no end. My mother would make this for us on a Sunday morning usually. One of the simplest […]... more
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How to make Paneer – Homemade Indian Cottage Cheese

20 February 2014
How to make Paneer
I’m all for shortcuts when time is of the essence! Tinned tomatoes, tinned chick peas and also freezing ground pastes to quicken my meals and use shortcuts which would still give me the traditional flavour I crave in Indian meals. Although when you look at making something homemade with just TWO ingredients (Yes TWO!) and tastes […]... more
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Marathi Kolambi Bhaat – Prawns cooked in spices and basmati rice

6 February 2014
Kolambi Bhaat
A rice preparation from the west of India, ‘Kolambi Bhaat’ is similar to pulao where the spices are mixed with prawns and the rice is added at a later stage. Rice within the maharashtrian communities is known as ‘bhaat’ or even ‘tandul’ meaning grain of rice. There is such massive variety of rice dishes across […]... more
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Parsi Dahi nu Gosht – Lamb curry cooked in chillies, green coriander & yoghurt

8 January 2014
Parsi Dahi nu Gosht
For the last few weeks I have been away in India which has been a constant reminder of how much I yearn for fantastic cultural food and also the authenticity of it all. It’s one of the main things that got me into cooking years back and something that keeps me excited, curious and with […]... more
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