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Peel, Chop & Blend! Garlic and Ginger paste…

21 August 2015
The basis of every Indian curry has got to be a good paste that begins with garlic and ginger. A quick recipe that’s worth the peeling, chopping and blending while making it in larger quantities. I make the paste fresh using a small amount of water although you can also do so using a little bit […]... more
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Palak Murgh – Chicken curry with spinach, cardamom and fresh ginger

21 July 2015
Palak Murgh (3)
Could there really be anything better than a bowl of Palak Murgh served with jeera and peas pulao to soak up that rich thick gravy with moist chicken on the bone. Mixing grains of rice with the spiced spinach gravy and little pieces of chicken with every morsel is where I feel happiest delving in […]... more
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Matar ki Kachori – Fried Pastries stuffed with spicy green peas

8 July 2015
Khasta Matar Kachori
Looking back at my time in college, the few years I spent with friends was fondly filled with delicious food memories. From the best south Indian coffee stalls for our early morning brew, to the most delicious vada pav with spicy chutney with fried chillies and finger licking buttery pav bhaji. No wonder street food […]... more
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Lucknowi Gobi Aloo ki Tahiri – Spiced vegetables layered with rice, butter and garam masala

25 June 2015
Awadhi Tahiri
I’m staring out of my window and it feels like an Indian monsoon rather than British summer with the pouring rain, one that calls for hearty meals that satisfy the senses. I am delving back in gravy dishes, biryanis and buttery parathas which seems odd really when I should be thinking of tandoori tikkas, bbq’s, […]... more
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Kheema per Eeda – Parsi spiced minced lamb topped with fried runny eggs

1 June 2015
Kheema per eeda (2)
Chance are these days given the love for a plate of spicy kheema in my household, there are never any leftovers but if there every were I would still use to them to make a delicious meal with Indian dishes being my inspiration. My mother made a few things with leftover kheema that are probably […]... more
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Mumbai Frankie Rolls – Recipe from my cookbook Indian Kitchen!

22 May 2015
With the release of Indian Kitchen this month its been so lovely to see everyone cook from it! Curry lovers worldwide from Sydney, Barcelona, Finland, Dubai and of course the UK have got their copies of my book Indian Kitchen. Its a joy to see everyone enjoying the recipes. Indian Kitchen is available to order on Amazon UK and […]... more
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Happy Publication Day! Indian Kitchen is out today…

7 May 2015
Indian kicthen HB Packshot.jpg
It’s finally here! And so many of you have being buying your copies in stores across the UK and Ireland all this week. Lots more of you have ordered your copies online and I can’t wait to see what everyone is cooking from Indian Kitchen. It took me 10 months to complete this book from start […]... more
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Recipes from my cookbook Indian Kitchen in The Sunday Times!

1 May 2015
Indian Kitchen ST recipe
This month has been an Indian Kitchen takeover with so many exciting things ahead! I have been doing signings and promoting my upcoming debut cookbook Indian Kitchen. There are loads cookery demos, cookery events, book signings and food festivals where you might catch me. I would LOVE to meet all of you so please make sure to […]... more
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Mughlai Karahi Gosht – Slow cooked lamb curry with tomatoes, garlic and garam masala

7 April 2015
Kadai Gosht
I am currently travelling through north India for work. You can see the pictures from my trip so far over on Instagram. And as many times as I visit various cities across the subcontinent its still amazes me how flavoursome and diverse our food is. Eating in parts of Punjab or Rajasthan gives you a […]... more
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Khatte Chole – Spiced chickpea curry with chilli, fresh ginger and mango powder

9 March 2015
Khatte Chole
Last year a packed trip to Old Delhi resulted in eating copious quantities of Halwa puri cholay in the sweltering heat of the city for breakfast. I was hooked! All washed down with glasses of refreshing salted lassi. I always find the need to do my visits to India full justice where food is concern! […]... more
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Indian Kitchen ST recipe
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