Anda Bhurji

Spicy Indian Scrambled Eggs


Cheffing at events most of this week has meant that dinner isn’t always a well planned affair. But when all is quiet in the house and I yearn to cook up something that’s ‘a meal for one’, quick, delicious and ticks every late night snack requirement; this is JUST it!

‘Anda Bhurji’ or Indian scrambled eggs are something I know alot of Indians to have cooked at least once. It’s the easiest one pot meal (with very little washing up!) where chucking everything in hot frying pan is the norm. My most distinct memory of cooking this in India has to be late nights with college friends; chopping the onions, beating the eggs, sprinkling the spices was a team effort. Taking a break whilst studying for our exams and rustling up the eggs with crusty toast to satisfy our hunger pangs was the perfect excuse to take ourselves away from all that boring book knowledge.

The ingredients are basic store cupboard stuff but culminating into a dish bursting with flavours. The moist eggs spiced lightly with turmeric & chilli, fried in onions, coriander & tomatoes. A perfect recipe for the exhausted late night with a fiery kick.


  1. In a bowl beat the eggs lightly and season with salt. Add the tomatoes, coriander & green chillies to the eggs, mix well and set aside.


  2. Heat oil in a non stick frying pan; cook the onions for a couple of minutes just so that they soften without much colour. Add the turmeric & chilli powder and fry for a further 30 seconds. Now add the egg mix and cook stirring for 2-3minutes until scrambled. Season to taste and sprinkle over some lemon juice.Anda-Bhurji-2

  3. Serve the bhurji warm piling up on toast or stuffed in a buttered buttie/pav.

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