About Me

My name is Maunika and I’m an Indian chef and author. I was born and raised in Mumbai, India and am now based in the UK. Through my upbringing and heritage I create and share authentic Indian dishes with exciting flavours and ingredients.

My cooking is simple and enticing with the use of earthy spices, fresh herbs & blends that are synonymous with Indian cooking, based around dishes that inspire me and recipes that have been part of my family for generations. My food reflects regional Indian food, showcasing the amazing array of different tastes, techniques and styles on offer, where every community has their unique style and method of cooking. My debut cookbook ‘Indian Kitchen’ published by Hodder and Stoughton is out now and includes traditional Indian curries alongside recipes dating back to the 1950’s in Mumbai; recipes that I cook with even today.

Here on my website and through the work I do as a private chef and writer my mission is to showcase how varied regional Indian flavours are and how, when you begin with fresh ingredients, you can easily pull together dishes and meals that are full of flavour making them part of your everyday lifestyle.

Authentic but achievable
Indian recipes


I write a food column for a Vogue India and have featured in national as well as international food & lifestyle publications (The Independent newspaper, Red Magazine, Sunday Telegraph and Jamie Magazine to name a few) who have allowed me to share my love for Indian cooking and recipes that I have developed.

I have cooked with Jamie Oliver for his online channel Food Tube and teaching Indian cookery classes at Jamie’s Cook school Recipease in London to reflect how versatile Indian curries can be. And working with brands like Sainsburys and Tilda advising on Indian recipes and contemporary cooking ideas.

Nothing is more satisfying than cooking for people and seeing and hearing how they feel about my food. I regularly host cookery classes, demos and work as a private chef in the UK and overseas.

I firmly believe that to really develop skills and knowledge in a particular style of cooking you need to immerse yourself in it. With my family roots in India, I travel across the sub continent a few times every year exploring spices, recipes and love cooking with my mum in my family homes. I also love meeting with restaurants, food traders, markets stalls and friends in cities across India who share my passion for authentic Indian cooking.


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