Rajasthani Kadhi

Spiced yoghurt curry with cumin, chilli & garlic

Rajasthani Kadhi

When a busy week begins and work is all encompassing my commute home is always about what I’ll be cooking for dinner. The idea of anything quick and simple is always a winner. When you do a mental check in your head and realise there really isn’t much else in the fridge apart from that big tub of yoghurt!

So I made Kadhi with rice, papad and pickle and was inundated by so many of you requesting the recipe. A spiced yoghurt curry with cumin, chilli and garlic. I have cooked this recipe for a Rajasthani kadhi for years after attending a wedding in Jaipur and tallying up notes on how the locals cook it in the north west of India. Every region will have a a distinct way of cooking kadhi. In my home in Mumbai (in Maharashtra) mum would make it similar to gujaratis (hailing from the west of India too) so it had a balance of sour and sweet flavours along side the spices. Some Rajasthani households steer away from using garlic while a few do. I prefer the flavour so have included it. A traditional ingredient thats common in most recipes is sweet neem leaves although those are tricky to find in the west! Rajasthani Kadhi is a staple in households along with piping hot rice, bati and lapsi.

You can also add pakoras/ bhajis and make it a little more hearty although even just with rice and papad its delicious!


  1. In a mixing bowl add the greek yoghurt. Mix well with a whisk and add the chickpea flour a little at a time. Mix well making sure there are no lumps.

  2. Add the turmeric powder and whisk lightly followed by the water a little at a time. Set aside. In a blender/ wet grinder add the garlic cloves with a splash of water, grind to a smooth paste and set aside.

  3. In a heavy bottom non stick sauce pan heat the oil over a low flame. Add the asafoetida and cumin seeds and fry for 20-30 seconds.

    Rajasthani Kadhi (2)

  4. Add the dried chilli and garlic paste. Stir and fry for half a minute. Add the mild chilli powder and stir for a few seconds. At this stage add the yoghurt mix and stir well.

  5. Continue cooking over a low heat for 8-10 minutes. The kadhi will thicken as it cooks so keep stirring every few minutes. Season to taste and garnish with coriander. Serve with rice, papad and pickle.Rajasthani Kadhi (3)

    Note- As it cools it will get thicker so add a little more water if you prefer it slightly runny.

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