Andhra Spiced Egg Curry

Egg curry with coconut, ginger and curry leaves

All too often a boiled egg or plain scrambled egg just doesn’t quite cut it. My all time favourite breakfast on a weekend is Anda Bhurji spiced scrambled eggs piled on buttered toast. So satisfying. Most Indian regions have their unique way of cooking eggs with spices and the state of Andhra Pradesh is no different. This is a personal favourite and I think the combination of the heat from the chilli and sour tamarind make it quite moreish. Coconut milk is used sparingly to add the creaminess to the dish; the bland boiled eggs soak in all the flavours of the spices in the gravy. You can leave the eggs whole if you prefer though I like to halve them. Added to the dish last minute letting them steep in the warm curry. Serve with rice, flat bread or dosas as I did. Soft dosas soak in all the flavour and help mop up the egg curry. Simply gorgeous!


  1. Heat the oil in a heavy bottom sauce pan. Add the mustard seeds letting them splutter for a few seconds. Add the onions and fry for 5-7 minutes on medium as they begin to turn light brown. Add the cinnamon stick and green chillies frying for a further minute. Tip in the chopped tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes stirring well ensuring it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. The tomatoes will soften and form a thick sauce.

  2. Add the sliced ginger and fry for a further minute. Now add the powdered spices and stir for a minute. At this point the oil will start to leave the sides of the pan. Add the tamarind concentrate along with the water. Bring to a boil and simmer. At this stage add the coconut milk. Simmer gently and tip in the halved boiled eggs along with the curry leaves.

    Let the eggs soak in the spices for 2-3 minutes. Stir gently making sure the eggs stay intact. Season to taste and garnish with coriander. Serve with soft dosas or plain rice.


  • Adithi

    Is 1 tspoon of tamarind concentration enough in the end?

    • Maunika Gowardhan

      Yes although check the quality of the paste and adjust as required.

  • uma

    Hi maunika,

    The Andhra spiced egg curry is very tasty every one should try also try this for egg recipes

  • Wendi York

    i just made this…i am not accustomed to the curry leaves smell. hahaha i followed everything to the T, but i am having trouble with the seasoning. I added salt and then a little extra turmeric, but it lacked body so i threw in some grama masala and tomato paste but it didn’t help much…. could you do an article on seasoning? because i cannot compare it to how its suppose to taste since no Indian restaurant near me makes this. 🙁

  • Sandy Gungan

    Is the Tamarind concentrate the same as Tamarind puree?

    • Maunika Gowardhan

      Tamarind concentrate is a richer stronger flavour. So taste the quality of what you get before adding!

  • Sandy Gungan

    Paired this with the Aloo Dalna. Lovely contrast between the two curries. Very pleased.

  • Palash Biswas
  • Hema

    Could you give some instructions on how to use tamarind pulp (seed or seedless) that is commonly available in Indian stores? I think this is different to tamarind concentrate that you list in your recipes. How do you substitute one for the other? Thank you.

    • Maunika Gowardhan

      Tamarind paste is lighter than concentrate which is a better option!

  • Morgan Victoria Ulmer

    Is it really only 100 milliliter s of water and 50 mls of coconut milk?

    • Maunika Gowardhan

      Yes it is! you want a rich thick gravy so the dish isn’t very soupy. If you prefer you can add a little more coconut milk although the original recipe uses coconut milk very sparingly.

      • Yas

        Although the outcome was tasty, the picture looks nothing like what I got from the recipe, I know nothing about Indian cuisine but I noticed the curry leaves would need more than 2-3 minutes to cook. The recipe may need some adjusting ?


    2 what of oil? Cups, Tablespoons?
    Thank you,


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